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6 An essay at this level
- effectively addresses the writing task
- is well organized and well developed
- uses clearly appropriate details to support a thesis or illustrate ideas - displays consistent facility in the use of language
- demonstrates syntactic variety and appropriate word choice

5 An essay at this level
- may address some parts of the task more effectively than others - is generally well organized and developed
- uses details to support a thesis or illustrate an idea
- displays facility in use of the language
- demonstrates some syntactic variety and range of vocabulary

4 An essay at this level
- addresses the writing task adequately but may slight parts of the task - is adequately organized and developed
- use some details to support a thesis or illustrate an idea - demonstrate adequate but possibly inconsistent facility with syntax and usage - may contain some errors that occasionally obscure meaning


Is there a thesis statement or introduction?
Is there a topic sentence for each paragraph?
Are there supporting details for each topic statement?
Is there conclusion?

Are there run-on sentences or sentence fragments?
Are there misplaced modifiers or dangling modifiers?
Are the structures parallel?
Are there transition words?
Are the sentences and paragraphs cohesive?

Punctuation and spelling
Are the paragraphs indented?
Are there punctuation marks such as periods at the end of each sentence? Do all sentences begin with capital letters?
Are all words spelled correctly?

General Writing Improvements Strategies

1. Writing is skill like playing tennis. You have to practice. There is a lot of extra work you can do on your own to help you become a better writer. Doing these activities, you’ll practice your writing, practice your penmanship, and practice forming opinions.

To improve your writing, pay attention when you read. Notice how the author of your book organizes thoughts and expresses ideas.

4. Buy a notebook to record your thoughts and your writing. Don’t use this notebook for anything but writing practice. This notebook will be your private classroom. 5. Keep a journal. Record the events of a day. Tell what happened. Record what you think 6. When events happen, take notes. Later in the day reread your notes and turn them into sentences. Turn the sentences into paragraphs. 7. Write every day. Give yourself a gift of time. Spend five minutes a day writing, and do it faithfully everyday. Once a week, assign yourself a topic and write an essay in thirty minutes. 8. Go back over your writing frequently. The more you write, the better writer you will become. You may think of a better, or a different, way of expressing a thought. Use the blank page to experiment with different ways of expressing the same idea. 9. When you rewrite, imagine you are writing for a different audience. The first time you wrote for yourself. How would you change your writing if your friends were to read. Your teacher? Your mother? A stranger?

Types of Essays

There four essay types on the Computer-based TOEFL:
|Agreeing or disagreeing |33% | |Stating a preference |34% | |Giving an explanation |22% | |Making an argument |11% |

Identify the task

In your opinion …
If you could change (something) what would you change?
What is the best way to (do something)?
What should be the main focus?
Which of the following should you do?
Which of the following is most important to you?...
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