to study the customer satisfaction level in retail sector

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Table of Contents

Sr. No. Topic

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Overview of Industry as a whole

1.2 Profile of the Organization

1.3 Problems of the Organization

1.4 Competition Information

1.5 S.W.O.T. Analysis of the Organization

Chapter -2 Object & Methodology
2.1 Significance
2.2 Managerial usefulness of the study
2.3 Objective
2.4 Scope of the Study
2.5 Methodology

Chapter – 3 Conceptual Discussions

Chapter – 4 Data Analysis

Chapter – 5 Findings and Recommendations



The Indian retail industry is now beginning to evolve in the line with the transformation that has swept other large economies. The liberalization of the consumer goods industry initiated in the mid-80 and accelerated through the 90’s has begun to impact the structure and conduct of the retail industry. The concept retail which includes the shopkeeper to customer interaction, has taken many forms and dimensions, from the traditional retail outlet and street local market shops to upscale multi brand outlets, especially stores or departmental stores.

The objective being to assess the various parameters that influences a buyer to visit or shop at departmental store thereby contributing to its turnover (in terms of sales and profits) hence leading to its overall success.

The extensive research brought me to conclude that departmental stores are soon emerging on the top priority lists, amongst the shopping spree in Delhi and NCR, as they seem to derive immense pleasure of convenience and exposure to variety under one roof, in their extremely busy lives, when they don’t have time for things.

Though some of the customers perceive departmental stores to be expensive and only high income category’s cup of tea, the stores make constant efforts to induce them to at least visit the store at once during the sale period, or discount offers.

The Retail Marketing Revolution - An Introduction

“Any business that directs its marketing efforts towards satisfying the final consumer based upon the organization of selling goods and services as a means of distribution”

By 2010, the list of India's top 10 retailers will have at least 5 Indian corporate. Retail Marketing will go through a tremendous change in India this millennium. It will change India's cities, its people, and its households. The Indian consumer is reportedly the largest spender in Singapore and London. It is, therefore, strange that there have, so far, been few efforts to present the product in the right kind of environment in India.

Indeed, the right shopping experience does induce Indian consumers to spend more. This is evident from the experiences of retail-outlets like Music.

World, Big Bazaar, Spencer’s, Crosswords, The Home Store, Ebony, Bigjo’s, Saboos, Standard, Nanz, Vijay Store and Janaki Das & Sons, Westside etc.

Factors affecting Retail marketing

The development of organized retail is dependent on the efforts of several agencies and institutions. A glimpse of the last 2 decades of the previous century proves illuminating. Large-format retailing started with outlets like Vivek's and Nalli's in Chennai and Kidskemp in Bangalore, and, at another level, with manufacturer-retail brands like Bata, Bombay Dyeing, and Titan.


The first among these is the government. In a country as big as India and with as many states as ours, it is imperative that the Central government and all state governments bring in Value Added Taxation or a unified taxation system to ensure that the tax-regimes are the same across the country.

The laws governing retail...
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