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Semester 1

September 2012

Module Study Guide

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Approach to study………p3
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Module LeaderZena Lutrin
Office hour Wednesdaay 13.30 – 15.00 and by appointment TutorsDebbie Desrochers
Stephan Ludwig

Welcome to BMKT611 Retailing. This is a broad ranging module that will give you insight into retailing at both the strategic and tactical (operational) levels.

Module Aims

Give an in depth of understanding of retailing at the strategic and store levels in different retail sectors.

Give a broad insight into the range of strategic options available to retailers stressing the central importance of positioning and store image in gaining competitive advantage and customer loyalty.

Show how management of the individual elements of the retail mix contributes to the delivery of the positioning in different retail sectors.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

1.Critically analyse the competitive environment facing a given retailer (or its owning company) and its sector and identify the key drivers of competitive advantage for different sectors and within sector.

2.Critically evaluate the main strategic options for growth and competitive advantage available to a retailer and growth and positioning strategies for individual chains or stores

3.Make judgements about the strategic management of the elements of the retail mix at the operational level and produce cohesive appraisal of chain and/or store level management of mix elements to effect the positioning

Approach to study

Retailing is a very practical business discipline. Most of the uniquely retail theory and analytic techniques have been developed for operational decision making e.g. range planning, stock management, visual merchandising etc and will not be explicitly covered on this module. Much of the theoretical base with which retail strategic decision making operates is from those functional areas of business you have studied in the first years of your degree e.g. accounting, HRM, marketing. Examining the retail industry will call on many of the areas you have previously studied. On this module we will select and adapt business concepts to analyse management of the retail environment. It requires intimate knowledge of the retail environment, a systematic approach, breadth of vision, good judgement and a high level of synthesis. It is exactly these abilities to evaluate and manage a large number of inter-related elements simultaneously that mark good retailers.

There is a weekly lecture that will build the main theoretical framework for the topic. A weekly seminar encourages students to apply the theoretical frameworks to contemporary retailing issues and to explore some of the problems raised in the lectures. Students are expected to prepare for seminars by reading, analysis and observation. Lecture material provides a framework, students are expected to develop breadth and depth of knowledge of the theory by further reading and to evaluate its usefulness and appropriateness by ongoing application through store observation and preparation of the seminar exercises.

There is no coursework for this module and the only assessment is an individual assignment to be submitted on Monday 6 January 2014

Independent study will be supported by the seminar preparation advice and a guide to consolidating your studies in the 2nd Guided Independent Study period at the end of the teaching programme.

This module is supported through Blackboard. If necessary you will be emailed about this module through Blackboard which will send email to your University email address. If you want your...
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