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Topics: Value added, Marketing / Pages: 3 (1018 words) / Published: May 5th, 2014
Unit 3

For a hotel that wants to compete in any area of the market it has to offer some sort of value which nobody else offers or something better then others. If a hotel is competing in the market of short breaks for couples there have to be advantages for people to choose this hotel offer instead of other ones. The hotel must offer six major elements to attract people: Price, quality of room, quietness, sights or locations, cleanliness and service. Price is most important criteria for most of the people especially young adults who don’t have much savings and looking for a nice, cheap, romantic vocation. Quality of room is desirable for many people extremely for those who like to spend quite time in their room. Quietness is critical for everyone coming for a short break. Sight and location plays a huge role because some people are looking to spend time at the beach others at forest or they just want to visit a city it varies on people. Having desirable location or sight is always the biggest plus and probably even more important then the price. No one wants to see dirtiness in their hotel they all expect clean bedroom or bathroom and wherever they go in the hotel this means it’s necessary. Last but not least is service that people want gentle and carrying service which helps them around. All these aspects are substantial for costumers and they consider this when it come to spending money on booking a hotel, that’s what the elements of value are. To add a value company must understand what costumers want from a product and how will they use it. Value can bee added simply if the hotel increases their qualities or add a new one it will show the costumers improvement of value offered to them. Business that don’t add value they fall behind other who add value and improve they business whenever it’s possible. Added value usually gives a greater sense of a value of the product or service. To perform an added value analysis marketers use the competitive compass

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