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Topics: Caregiver, Family, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: January 18, 2013
By firstly understanding what the term carer means I can look at the challenges both care givers, and care receivers face. According to a government website a “carer is someone who looks after a friend, relative, or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability.” A 2001 census report noted that “6 million people said that they provide unpaid care to a family member.” This is 12% of the adult population in the United Kingdom. This is a great amount of families providing and receiving care. For a family carer to claim financial help as a carer, the carer must be caring for someone for at least 35 hours a week, be over 16 and not a student. They must also be caring for someone formally recognised as “disabled” or someone over the age of 65. the carer must also not earn more than £95 a week. These are the guidelines for application from a government website. Many carers may not no this and may be suffering financially from providing care within families. I will answer the essay title by looking at giving care and receiving care and the challenges both person face. I will also introduce you to the story of Ann, Angus and their family. There are many challenges in been a carer of a family member. But firstly a advantage of been a recognised carer is you can claim to qualify for a carers allowance of £45.70 per week, also from a government website. The carers equal oppourtunities act 2004, “it gives carers the right to a assessment of their needs, with regards not just to their caring role but also to their needs for leisure, training and work.” This benefits the care giver in social terms and educationally. There are many difficulties in being a carer. It is demanding and hard work. Both physically and emotionally.
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