JHT2 Task3

Topics: Breakfast, Bed and breakfast / Pages: 22 (8466 words) / Published: Aug 31st, 2015
Heather Taylor
Task 3

Hometown Bed and Breakfast

Hometown Bed and Breakfast is in the heart of downtown Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Arkansas is the natural state, this is because there are so many pretty views that are just nature and it’s beautiful. Pine Bluff is not known as a good place to live or even visit but for some we have no choice but to use the few resources the city has to offer. Relaxation is one thing everyone wants from time to time no matter your age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Larger cities have bigger and better bed and breakfast venues but most want to go somewhere local to keep from driving over an hour away just to relax or a few days. This paper will focus on the functional market of Bed and Breakfast venues.
Bed and Breakfast venues cater to a complete different market than hotels, motels, and condos. The owners of bed and breakfast offer all customers a home away from home in an enchanted home where everything is catered to the customer, where the customer can get away from everyday life. Differentiation is the main dominant economic feature of bed and breakfast venues. From the beginning, the owners know they have to offer something special and that they would want for themselves as a getaway retreat, which not just anyone can provide. By providing to customers what they want for themselves, they will be prosperous and survive. These bed and breakfast customers expect an inviting atmosphere with everything catered to them during their stay. These customers are willing to pay or for these special services provided and with great satisfaction, more customers will follow suit.
In 2008 the United States as well as Pine Bluff, Arkansas, fell into a recession where people were losing their jobs and using their unemployment benefits to get them through life. Once unemployment was exhausted for these people, they had to find other ways to support their family. Some of these people decided to try to open up a bed

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