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Question 1a

The method that has worked for me or I have found it easy to taking notes is that I read the material thoroughly from beginning to end highlighting important words or phrases and then I read through it again to make sure that I have understood. I then transfer or write up the notes using bullet points into my notebook.


Geek to Live: How to deal with Internet Meanies

Reacting to Internet Meanies in the heat of the moment, can intense things to a meaningless and time wasting rage. To let whatever was said sit for a while do the following -

* Move away from the keyboard * Go for a walk * Busy yourself in doing something else * Put the critic to good use * Don’t let them make you feel bad * Nobody can hurt you unless you let them

You can monitor your online reputation via:

* Google Alert – subscribe – receive email when your search phrase enters Google Index. * Technorati – subscribe – searches for your phrase in feed reader. * MonitorThis – collects data from 22 different sources including above 2 mentioned sites. MonitorThis provides an OPML file to import into feedreader.

If you find inaccuracy or curtailed information about you, write up your own blog or use social media online communities to promote yourself or business positively. Below are the six mainstream social media sites you can subscribe to -

* Flickr – photo sharing * YouTube – video sharing * Digg – social news * Wikipedia – collaborative encyclopaedia * Facebook - community * Twitter – blogging

Question 2a

Table 1 part (i)

Sensor Environmental Measurement Value | | Infrared Infrared False | | Sound Sound fluctuate | | Input

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