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Should Students be paid for having good grades?
About 48% of children get paid for getting an A on their report card. It is estimated that the average price that parents pay for an A on a report card is about $16.60. As far as what America thinks it is pretty split down the middle some parents say yes some parents say no. if you were to ask kids I’m sure there would be a very different response.

Is it the truth? This is the truth people do pay their kids for getting good grades but people also will not pay their kids for grades and will tell them that they are expected to get good grades but other parents say nothing is wrong with a reward for hard work. This is the truth because there are differing views on this topic and people do feel strongly about this.

Is it fair to all concerned? No it is not fair to all concerned because there are kids that do get paid and brag to their friends that they get paid for having good grades and it is not fair to the kids that don’t get paid for having good grades. As far as parents it is only fair if they think that they can afford giving money to their kids for having good grades.

Will it build goodwill and friendships? This topic is tricky because it doesn’t really build or not build goodwill and friendships. There is a slight chance that it can ruin friendships by kids getting in arguments about grades and getting paid for them so overall I think no, it does not build goodwill and friendships.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? It is not beneficial to all concerned because it can hurt kids feeling and it is also not beneficial to parents because they are losing money when they have to pay their kids for getting good grades, there are parents that agree if you reward your child one or two times a year for doing good in school that there is no problem with that, and that it is a good way to get kids motivated to do good in school which can positively impact their future.

Overall I do think that some kind...
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