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Three Differences Between Men and Women

By SalmaMohamedA May 19, 2013 461 Words
Three Differences Between Men And Women

Throughout history, women sought equality with men. They demanded the same rights and the same treatment men had, believing that they are both the same. But true equality cannot be achieved this way, owing to the fact that men and women are different. In fact the differences between men and women are various. They are biologically, culturally and socially different.

The first difference between men and women is biological. Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl (1985, P.190) state that the two genders have different genetic structure. As females have two “X” chromosome, while males have one “X” and one “Y” chromosome. Researchers now are trying to find the connection between genetic and behavioral differences. Though it’s not possible at the moment to determine how differences in the genetic structure affect the behavior of men and women, we do know that the physical development is deeply affected by the genetic structure. Males are often more taller, heavier and more muscular than females. Women on the other hand can bear and nurse children while men cannot, which leas to the fact that women cannot do everything men can and vice versa and it would be unfair to say they can.

Then comes the cultural difference, according to Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl (1985, P.192) scientists have also stated that gaining power is relative to sex-role distinctions. In early societies, men gained more power and prestige because of their role as hunters and warriors. So they were able to distribute food for the whole community and determine its social structure. On the other hand women were socially eliminated and their role was mainly domestic. Meanwhile, in societies where women are able to determine their economic well-being, they gain more power.

The last difference is socially. Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl (1985, P.193) declare, “Social learning theory holds that children are awarded for conforming to their parent’s expectations and are punished for behavior that meets with disapproval” thus children feel obliged to act in a certain way to meet their parent’s expectations. Therefore we find males are more interested in sports than art because that’s what society think is appropriate for males and in consequence that’s what their parents want them to do. So we can say that society has a big influence on determining sex roles in our community.

In the end, we can say it’s unfair to treat men and women equally in all aspects due to their biological, cultural and social differences. Instead to have true and fair equality we have to put in mind that they are different when dealing with their education and practical life. And also putting in mind that every rule has it’s exceptions.

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