Women and the Military

Topics: Military, Armed forces, Combat Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: November 14, 2005
Women and the Military
Statistics show that the U.S. armed forces currently employ over 229,000 women in its various branches (Donnelly 8). This figure had been increasing exponentially for over 30 years. It's no surprise to men that women are becoming an important factor in the U.S. military and now occupy every position expect those on the front lines. With the infiltration of women in the services in 1972, great controversy has arisen and has become a highly argued issue (Donnelly 8). I believe that women should not only be permitted to be employed in the military, but also should be able to fight on the front lines of combat. For centuries women have been under great scrutiny due to their physical ability, thought processes, and the roles they play in society. The abilities of women were often matched up against those of men to measure their performance and, more often than not, women were seen as second- rate to men. As time marched on, women fought for their rights and finally established their position in society as equals to men. Still, women today often find situations with jobs in which men hold a dominate stature. It wasn't until 1972, when the All Volunteer Army was formed that women could finally join the United States Armed Services (Donnelly9). Even then, women were sanctioned to only nursing jobs or those which are not threatened by combat involvement. The main reason for this action was because people believed that women were not capable of fighting courageously and skillfully in combat situations. Women finally got their chance to employ more positions after Bill Clinton amended the "Risk Rule", which allows women to hold all positions in the military except those on the front lines (Davis 8). In today's military which depends increasingly on technology, we need women in combat. The services today can't get enough qualified males to enlist (Davis 9). The days of only using females in rear areas for administrative...

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