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Topics: Gender, Equals sign, Human Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 23, 2014
H/W: Write a 400 word response arguing whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: ''Since the beginning of time, women have lived in society dominated by men. Even in the modern world, women and men were not treated as equals. Men dominate many career professions like engineering, business, and finance, and they are usually paid a higher salary than women''. You must research and respond in the third person I believe that men and women are not treated equally in society as women still have the stereotype of doing nurturing work and as a women myself, I hate that stereotype because men can be nurses and many are. Today generation is very fast and like men, women are also coming in the front to compete with men and they are really doing well. If we give them the proper guidance like they can prove that women are in no way less then men, and we should be proud to say that human beings are developing, and not men or women only. Society would answer this question by saying, "No, men and women are not equal," but I have a different opinion on this matter. Men and women are different in different ways, but all humans have things that differ between them. When it comes down to it, we are all humans and not one gender is greater than the other. Women do all these things yet they don't get any praise for it whereas a man does one thing and the then the whole world revolves around him.This is basically saying that women get treated like dirt where as they do a lot of things that a man can't do. Women must be equal to men and they are equal to men.We should support girls education and make the world a better place to live as expected and if women are given equal rights to men definitely the development of the world also will be equal and hence we support this. I believe that women are not treated as equal as men eventhough they should. Men and women are equal in a natural sense, meaning that they both contribute to the continuation of the species and...
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