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Topics: Computer software, Application software, Computer program, Computer, Microsoft / Pages: 2 (384 words) / Published: Sep 10th, 2012
An Automated Point of Sales and Stock Control For Small Enterprise Beverage Dealers

Description: A software program that can offer an automated and LAN-based inventory system, and at the same time a cashiering tool for beverage dealers, a small enterprise. The program will have a systemized sales monitoring, cash collection and inventory or stock management and will be saved on a database. The Administrator account, the owner, will have all the control of the system, providing the capability of changing the price, update the cash collection and monitor inventory levels. The manager account is provided a cashiering interface, that is in-charge for listing or entering the cash collection for each store that had been supplied a product.

Computerized Library System

Description: A computerized library system for a certain school. The program will have a search engine, in which student/faculty/user can look for the particular book, author or subject. The availability of the book will be uploaded and if available the user can reserve or borrow the book, the student no. and year/section is necessary to be given to avail the book. On the other hand if the book is borrowed it will show when the book will be given back to the library. For the librarian, have the means for monitoring and updating book status.

Automated Entrance Exam

Description: A software tool that provide computerized entrance examination. It provides a countdown for every category given in the examination that would saved and move to another category after the countdown. The software offers quickly score generator and assessment right after taking the examination and can manipulate question or data easily. The result will be stored in an archive, for further reference of the examiner.

Research: Thesis Compilation

Description: A software based program that compiles all the thesis files in Engineering Department. The program allows a certain user to search and view most of the

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