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Entrance Examination System

Members: John Paul Conde
John Mark Monilla
Jocel Floirendo
Sebastian Barot
Kenneil Khong Hun

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Basic Planning Phase
1.1 Background of the Company
1.2 Project Study Definition & Description
1.2.1 Description of the Study
1.2.2 Policies Related to the Study
1.2.3 Definition of Terms
1.3 Scope & Limitation of the Study
1.4 Task & Duration of the Study
1.5 Duties & Responsibilities of the Personnel Involved Chapter 2 – System Analysis Phase
2.1 Data Gathering Techniques
2.2 Analysis Tools
2.2.1 Context Diagram
2.2.2 Data Flow Diagram
2.3 Problem Analysis
2.4 Description of the Properties System
2.5 Feasibility Analysis
2.6 Prototype
Chapter 3 – Systems Requirement
3.1 Context Diagram
3.2 Data Flow Diagram
3.3 HIPO(Hierarchy Input Process Output)
3.4 Data Dictionary
3.5 Entity Relationship Diagram
3.6 Normalization
Chapter 4 – Systems Requirement
4.1 Forms Design
4.2 Interfaces & Dialogues Design
Chapter 5 – Source Code
Chapter 6 – Testing & Installation
Chapter 7 – User Manual

Chapter 1 - Basic Planning Phase
1.1 Background of the Company

Entrance Examination System is a system that many educational institutions may benefit to it, in order to select an incoming college students for admission. This entrance examination program intended to measure a test taker’s knowledge, skills, and his/her mental ability. This system has been devised to screen a large set of students coming from vastly different backgrounds for admission.

Academic establishments like schools use various paper materials and pens to process the manual examination. But in this program, it provides the student information, questionnaires, and automatically computes the scores/equivalent of the examination.

1.2 Project Study Definition & Description
Conducting entrance examinations becomes very difficult as it is perceived in terms of leakage of question papers, copying, lack of seriousness in setting question papers, evaluation and also making the merit list when it comes to a manual way. There are a lot of legal cases have also become a routine affair delaying the academic session too. Entrance Examination System describes and explains the proper way on how to organize an individual test of a student.

The main goal of this system is to process a proper and decent automated entrance examination for incoming college students, in order to obtain the proper and easier way of organizing the admissions data of an institution. 1.2.1 Description of the Study

Entrance Examination System provides an entrance examination for users/students that are systematically accurate. It is an automated examination that will provide faster results and information of the student’s exam. 1.2.2 Policies Related to the Study

An individual must agree with the conditions for the admission and policies of Entrance Examination System. It provides the proper way of processing the entrance examination of a student.

Entrance Examination requires/includes the following:
Student Information
Examination Questionnaire
Grade/Result of Entrance Examination

All the examination questionnaires are related to your high school academic subjects. Your answers will be recorded and checked by the system after answering all the question. The Student Information system is not recorded/added to your entrance examination score. The student can get/print the result of his examinations once the process has been done.

1.2.3 Definition of Terms

Admin - It refers to a user who can control the system’s information. Login - it refers to the combination of a user’s identification and password used for the security of accounts. Option - It refers to edit or choose information.

Password - It refers to the user’s password.
Register - It refers to a...
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