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By JolinaChristine-Acacio Aug 07, 2015 1388 Words

Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of students and faculty to register on a certain school. Different interconnected processes build up enrollment procedures called enrollment system. Enrollment system is used particularly in recording and retrieving students’ information. Tracking students’ information is also one feature of enrollment system, in which the school can trace the standing of a student. Verifying payments is also added to update or browse students’ billings. Enrollment system is a good example of a computer generated process. This can diminish the workload and provide accurate information needed of the school. Enrollment and Accounting System must be used in schools. It will provide and store the needed information faster and more convenient. Moreover, it allows the retrieval of information of student enrollees and faculties in a computer system that will lessen their time and effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student and faculty every now and then. The information here can be viewed in just a second without becoming anxious that a single file is lost. The idea behind an enrollment and accounting system is not a new concept since some schools are already using electronic enrollment system. In this study, the researchers concentrated on the developed of Enrollment and Accounting System for St. Andrew Academy to provide solution to the problem that they encounter in operating its manual enrollment and accounting system. The directress of the said school uses manual system in recording and retrieving students’ information. In fact, she does all the record keeping just by using ball pen and columnar sheet. On the other hand, the registrar also uses manual system in recording and retrieving student information. In connection to this, the researchers conclude that they are capable of creating a system to address the problem based on their background and knowledge they learned in their Database Management System 2.

The system design project is Enrollment and Accounting System that will provide and store the needed information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees and payroll of the faculties in a computer system. This will also be exclusively used for the irregular students, freshmen, transferee, and professor/instructor in able to get access in course, subject, professor, and student enrollees. This will also be a big help to all the enrollment staff especially under the management information system because they are the ones who are entitled to touch and read the information. It will help the institution to have a system that will enhance the enrollment processes so as to meet the quality that the institutions are trying to meet.

Input Process Output

Figure 1: Research Paradigm

The paradigm of this research consists of three parts. First is Input wherein the researchers will identify the problems encounter of the existing of Enrollment and Accounting System of St. Andrew Academy, the Functional and Non-Functional requirements of the system, the Hardware and Software requirements, and last is the level of acceptability of the proposed system. This will enable the developers to work on the features of the system that will help alleviate, if not totally solve, the problems identified on the first phase of the study. The next phase of the study is the Process wherein the researchers will use the Unified Process (UP) in IPO is specifically from Inception to Transition. This is considered the most costly and laborious phase of the study as the developers will guarantee that the system addresses the problems determined in the first phase of the study. Last is the Output which will be the outcome of the concentrated system. The system will undergo intensive testing to evaluate the accuracy, efficiency, usefulness, responsiveness, and maintainability of the software.

The main purpose of this study is to develop a software to improve the old and manual enrollment and accounting system of St. Andrew Academy. Hence, it helps allow the school to gain the optimum benefits that the user would get once the new enrollment scheme is implemented. Moreover, it also aims to design an effective and efficient system in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy, and to ease the enrollment system for computer-based system effectively to benefit both the faculty and student community. This study is also meant to help the school manage various operations including data storage, administration, and operations. Students may inquire on matters related to admission and enrollment requirements. The faculty will also be allowed to inquire on matters related to their payrolls. This system assists the students and faculty in their educational and personal need. The enrollment and accounting system will support the student enrollment, admission, and registration process. The database includes the record of students’ personal data, academic information, and related fees. In connection to this, the information of the faculty of the school is required in this system. It focuses on storing and processing (insertion and updating) by using graphical user interface. It generates student information in formatted tables, fees invoice, subjects enrolled, student’s academic detail report, student’s personal detail report, and student’s fee deposition status report. New enrollees will be the only ones to fill up their personal information since they do not have existing records on the system yet. Returning students will only present their report card for the update of their academic record which is already stored in the system. Enrollment and Accounting System is a system in which the computer plays a major role. This is the best way of storing and retrieving data on a server or hard disk rather than using papers and file cabinets. This will help the institution to store the data they need efficiently.

The researchers aim to design and develop an Enrollment and Accounting System for the students and the teachers of St. Andrew Academy to improve their old and manual system. In accordance with this study, the researchers aimed to provide answers to the following questions: 1. To determine the problems encountered with the existing system of St. Andrew Academy. 2. To identify functional and non-functional requirements.

3. To identify hardware and software requirements.
4. To test the level of the acceptability of the proposed system.

The scope of this study is to determine the management practices of the said school. It will look into features of the office and its daily tasks operation. The respondents will be limited to the registrar, cashier, administrator, faculty and employees and the student to ascertain and identify the actual problems existing within the school. It will be used to avoid duplication in encoding and tracing the student information as well as the teachers/faculty information with payrolls when it comes to enrollment processing and payments. With regard to the accounting aspect, it is concerned in getting the time record and attendance of teachers. In the same time the computation of hours work and monitoring of over time, under time, late and outdoor work are included. In addition to this, the proposed Enrollment and Accounting System of St. Andrew Academy supports the network topology implementation within the campus.

Operational Terms
The definitions of terms are based on observable characteristics and how it is used in the study. Users
They are the individuals who use the system for its problem solving assistance. Administrator
It refers to a person in charge to manage a system.
It is a document that contains an account particularly in terms of collection.

Conceptual Terms
The definitions of terms are based on concepts or hypothetic ones, which are usually taken from the dictionary. Computer System
It is the configuration that includes all functional components of computer and its associated hardware or software. Database
It is an integrated collection of data which provides a more efficient way of storage and retrieval of data and is capable of processing large portions of data immediately. Information is the data that has been changed into a useful form of output. Process

It refers to a series of actions, changes, of functions that bring about an end result. Software
It is a computer terminology used to describe the unseen programming codes and running application inside the computer system. System
It is a set of related a component that produces specific results.

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