Chapter 1 Tagaytay City Institute

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The Development of Tagaytay City Institute
Computerized Enrollment System

A Case Study

Presented to Mr. Raymond Ronario
Undergraduate Programs
Rogationist College Silang, Cavite


Eldrin Baurile
Ralph Marion Bolusa
Mikel Punzalan
Raymart Rozul
Aldrin Umandal

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for
System Analysis and Design and Database Management System

April 15, 2011

Nowadays, most of the business organizations set their Information Technology Department as the core of their business. The business organization must follow the trend of the latest business requirements to be globally competitive in the latest business world. In the field of Information Technology, there is a system that being called an Information System. An Information System is a system that needs raw data as input for it to be processed and generate information as an output.

Enrollment is the process of enlisting student’s data pertaining to their personal information, school requirements, and school records. A Computerized Enrollment System is a system that enables its registrar’s office of a certain school to serve student’s fast. It helps them to enroll a student in a short matter of time. It also provides the security of data and lessens data redundancy. This also lessens the hassle of long line of waiting during enrollment period.

Tagaytay City Institute is an institute that uses a manual enrollment system. In the system the client manually registers the enrollees. It gives the client a hard time to find the information about the student enrolled. For example, the registrar need the information of a student in an emergency cases, the registrar will look for that data one by one. Another problem encountered in the manual system is the long line of waiting during the enrollment period because of the manual transaction system. The developer’s objective is to give solution to the problems mention above and because of this the developers had developed a computerized enrollment system. The system can store student’s information in a database to avoid data redundancy. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

General Objective
To create a computerized Enrollment system for Tagaytay City Institute. Specific Objective
* To Design a User-Friendly Interface.
* To develop the system that can produce an output in a short processing time. * To Test and evaluate the system in the registrar’s office of Tagaytay City Institute. SCOPE AND LIMITATION
The system have the ability to keep the personal information of the student and keep the subjects loaded to that student. The system was developed after 3 months. It will be used by the Tagaytay City Institute (TCI) administrator, registrars’ office and faculty. In developing the system the developer’s used Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 for the system front-end and MySql as the back-end. The developers’ developed the said system using the acquired knowledge from the System Analysis and Design and Database Management System. The system is producing the printed output or viewed information of a certain student, subject load, and the number of student enrolled in a class. The system can also add, edit, and remove certain subject information. It can add, edit, and remove student or employee records that will serve as the second user of the system. The system can be used by the administrator and the faculty of Tagaytay City Institute. The admin and faculty will have their username and password as one of its security features. However, the system cannot produce the grading record, billing record and class schedule of a student. The system will be implemented for Tagaytay City Institute only.

Tagaytay City Institute Enrollment System. The title of the system. Windows Operating Systems. A brand of operating system that will be used by the client to run the system....
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