Theories of Personality Development

Topics: Psychology, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung Pages: 13 (3138 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Course Code: CED 403
Course Title: Theories of Personality Development and Adjustment. Number of Credits: 2 Credits
Course Duration: Two hours per week for 15 weeks (30 hours). As taught in 2010/2011 session
Lecturer’s name: ONIYE, Abdulrazaq Olayinka
Qualifications: B.A.Ed (Islamic Studies Education: Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University Sokoto); M.Ed; PhD (Guidance and Counselling: University of Ilorin); Cert. (Data Processing: University of Ilorin).
E-mail address:
Office Location: Room 15, Department of Counsellor Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Consultation Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays 12-3pm (Wed), 3-5pm(Fri) Course Content:
The study of theories of personality development and adjustment. Emphasis is on various personality and adjustment theories and their integration of both for counselling purposes. It is also meant to elucidate on cultural influences on personality, development and adjustment processes especially in counselling relationship.

Course Outline:
WEEK 1: The Structure of Personality (of Sigmund Freud)
WEEK 2: The Concept of Ego Defense Mechanism
WEEK 3: Psychosexual stages of development
WEEK 4: Techniques of Inquiry (Sigmund Freud)
WEEK 5: Carl Jung’s Concept of Human Nature
WEEK 6: Counselling Techniques of Carl Jung
WEEK 7: Principles of Human Behaviour (Alfred Adler)
WEEK 8: Applications of Adler’s Theory of Personality to Nigeria WEEK 9: Concept of Human Nature (Henry Murray)
WEEK 10: Psychogenic Needs of Man (Henry Murray)
WEEK 11: Personality Structure and its processes (Harry Stack Sullivan) WEEK 12: Stages of Personality Development (Stack Sullivan)
WEEK 13: Concept of Human Nature (Gordon Allport)
WEEK 14: Concept and type of Traits (Gordon Allport)
Course Justification: Counselling is a special helping relationship between the counsellor (helper) and the client (helpee). The helpee’s effectiveness is dependent on his self understanding and optimal adjustment. Herein lays the rationale for this course which a systematic examination of various counselling theories on personality and adjustment and their integration into the counselling process. Course Objective: At the end of the course, students should be able to • Identify and explain at least five theories of personality as propounded by renown psychologists

• Enumerate the various techniques of handling personality-induced behavioural problems of Nigerian clients
• Explain principles of human behaviour as propounded by relevant authorities • Identify stages of personality development and psychosexual stages of development
• Highlight the various defense mechanisms often employed by people with behavioural problems
• Discuss areas of applicability of the various theories to the Nigerian counselling setting
Course Requirements: This is a compulsory course for all students of Counsellor Education. As such attendance at lectures is compulsory. At least 75% attendance record is mandatory for a student to qualify to sit for the end of semester examination. Students are also expected to sign up for an e-mail account for effective e-discussions.

Methods of Grading
S/N Type Score (%)
1. Homework Assignment 10
2. Continuous Assessment Test 20
3. End of Semester Final
4. Total 100
Course Delivery Strategies
Traditional method (face-to-face) of lecture delivery will be employed as well as tutorial sessions and review of study questions. Class discussions/presentations and web interactions will equally be utilised as part of the course delivery methods. LECTURE CONTENT

Week 1: The Structure of personality
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
• Define personality.
• Mention the component parts of personality according to
Sigmund Freud.
• Describe lucidly the influence of early upbringing on
Personality development...
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