The Writer Poetry Response

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Sierra Wardell
Poetry Response
Tuesday March 12, 2013
“The Writer”
By: Richard Wilbur
The passion one has for something can make those who have never related to it have a desire to understand it in order to experience the same passion.
The Writer. This poem has too many words that could be said about it. Although this poem is about a father telling the readers about his daughter when she writes, it goes so much deeper than that. I find the theme of this poem to be passion. Three different examples is shown: The daughter and her writings, the bird and freedom, and the father with his love for his daughter.

The daughter is probably the most relatable character. The daughter is more close to my age, although, father is relatable, too. As a fellow writer, some people believe it is so easy to write a book or poetry. These people don’t comprehend what it is like to have laps in a thought process, to lose sight of that juicy sentence I just thought of moments ago. “The whole house seems to be thinking.” Nothing is more silent then when I try to think of something new to write. The rest of the world is quiet except for my imagination. At some moments it is adrenaline like a “bunched clamor of strokes” then it fades. I could sit for maybe a few seconds, or for hours, or even days just to think of just one passionate, exciting, eye-catching, mind-boggling, heart-stopping event. As I’m sure the daughter feels like I do, it’s the most capturing time of your life. But only a writer could feel this and even as complicated as it is, only a writer can enjoy such a passionate thrill. no one else, except a writer, could experience it the same.

The starling is another good example of passion, not as much so as the daughter, but still a good one. The sterling in the poem is stuck inside of the house. I imagine it has a claustrophobic feeling, being trapped and desperately trying to find away out so it could be free and continue its life. This “iridescent creature” has...
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