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Your marks for the Poetry unit of work will be derived from an assignment and from a short test. The test will be in Week One of Term Four. To revise, simply read over the poetry documents you have already read in Term Three. The test will ask you for definitions of some of the words from our terminology list. You will be asked to respond to a poem, using some words from the terminology list. You will be asked to answer some short questions relating to metaphor, simile, rhyme scheme, and the rules of some fixed form poems. You will be asked to compose some poetry that follows specific rules. Poetry assignment: present an anthology of your poetry written this term. In other words, type all the poems you've written this term and submit them for marking. Print them out, hand them in. Title your anthology 'The Collected Poems of '. Your collection should contain the following (please note that 'extension students' refers to all 8F1 students and those aspiring to an 'A'): One 'imitation' poem (also, write a paragraph naming the poem you have imitated and the ways in which you have imitated it - e.g. rhyme scheme, length, number of syllables per line etc.); One 'response' poem (also, write a paragraph naming the poem you have responded to and describing how your poem responds to it - e.g. does it criticise the other poem? Does it agree or disagree with the argument or ideas in the other poem? Is it a sequel or a prequel to the other poem? Is it about the same topic? etc.); A Shakespearean sonnet that follows all the rules of a Shakespearean sonnet. (Extension students must write in iambic pentameter. At the end of your poem, indicate which lines are not strictly in iambic pentameter.); A villanelle that follows all the rules of a villanelle;

Free verse poem that is one page long (minimum of 30 lines). (Extension students must follow at least two rules [your choice] and write a short paragraph regarding the rules you have followed.); Five haiku with your Japanese pseudonym (choose three of your haiku poems and write one paragraph for each of the three, so that you have a total of five haiku and a total of three paragraphs. In your paragraphs, discuss how you've followed the three rules of haiku); Extension students only: write a sestina that follows all the rules of a sestina.

Extension students: Sestina
A sestina is a poem consisting of 6 sestets and one tercet. Sestinas follows a specific rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is below: ABCDEF FAEBDC CFDABE ECBFAD DEACFB BDFECA ECA
Easier to read:
Remember that capital letters mean that each 'A' is the same word, each 'B' is the same word etc. So, if line 'A' ends with the word 'night', each line 'A' must end with 'night'. If line 'B' ends with the word 'eat', each line 'B' must end with 'eat'. If the rhyme scheme is unclear, read the examples below for clarification. It really is as 'simple' as that! There are no other rules. Here is one tip: do not get sucked into ending a phrase or sentence at the end of each line. In the first stanza, your 'A' line might be:

He lifted it with all his might.
In the second stanza, your 'A' line might continue on from your 'F' line, end the sentence, and then begin a new sentence. Students often fall into the trap of thinking that they are not allowed to end a line in the middle of a sentence. For example, in the second stanza, your 'A' line might continue: what to do. He thought he might

You 'A' word may be 'might' but you can use the word in difference contexts (the word 'might' can mean 'strong' or the word 'might' can mean 'a possibility'). You will notice that Elizabeth Bishop does this in her sestina, quoted below.

The first sestina is by a familiar poet, Ezra Pound. This sestina is perhaps the most famous in the English language. It used to be, and perhaps is still, considered the best sestina in the English...
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