The Way to Freedom ( Film Ib Portfolio) (Sound Engineer) (1st One)

Topics: Microphone, Sound, Acoustics Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: June 22, 2013
David Sanchez C
5th Attic/Film

“Running Away” Film Rationale
Feeling of Liberty is what all people want, not feel repressed and have a peaceful moment. Most of The times the environment not permit it , for that reason you have to go out even if it is only a little moment ,but all people need a time for distraction ,to organize ideas ,to find happiness, to recuperate the joy of life, going through another ay an non common one ,”Running Away” As sound engineer I was looking for a song that fits with the lyrics and the development of the script into the scene ,creating an environment of joy and happy love.

Word Count: 95

Running Away
Running Away

David Sanchez C
5th Attic/Film

Sound Engineer Commentary:

All Starts with the lyrics of “Running Away” the song, based in a list of words .We had create (used for a film class project) The group got a similar idea of what we want to do, so it make it easier, we inspired in sun and liberty, so instantly we think about the beach. We worked on the lyrics putting all our ideas of what we were projected and using the words given. , Once we wrote our scripts we read each one of those, each script of the members of the group and we chose one ,the one we chose was mine, that was more focused on what the group wanted finally, but in the process it change in some way because our necessities and the reality we were living. Then we were focused in our official script , the final one .Having the final script in our hands and already analyzed we decided to start looking for characters for our short music video .Characters that can have the necessary time for helping us and that have a good relation between them we wanted good friends or a couple to make it easier the shots without complains about the actions so it take some time our “Casting”, it was kind of difficult because ,we were going to shot a Monday and people had homework or their permissions where difficult to take . As sound engineer I...
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