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comprised of loudspeakers placed in convenient locations around a broadcasting area, an amplifier to increase the sound, and a mixer that adjusts audio levels. The user speaks into a microphone, and the sound is transmitted through connected cables, or a wireless system, out through the speakers. Some systems also include microphones or intercoms near the speaker locations, allowing the listener to reply to the central location. These responses are not broadcast to the entire system, however, but only to...

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Asr - Automatic Speech Recognition

based recognition parser “Julian” has been integrated it SCARF: It is a software toolkit designed for doing speech recognition with the help of segmental conditional random fields. MICROPHONES: They are being used by researchers for recording speech database. Sony and I-ball has developed some microphones which are unidirectional and noiseless. Text to Speech (TTS) o Festival Speech synthesis o Kathana o Snhala Text to Speech project by UCSC...

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Please click on paper title to view Visual Supplement. ISSCC 2009 / SESSION 20 / SENSORS AND MEMS / 20.6 20.6 A Compact CMOS MEMS Microphone with 66dB SNR MOS model). The optimal M1,2 width (W) is determined for several M1,2 lengths (L) and bias current Ibias, and the overall optimal set of values is W=600µm, L=3µm, Ibias=53µA. Noise measurements show that 1/f noise has a slightly higher impact than does white noise, when both contributions are A-weighted. The expected SNR degradation introduced...

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Live Performance Events

viewed RTJ performing, they both had microphones and no additional instruments. This means that their backline is relatively simple as they do not need amplifiers or drum kits. They did, however, have a DJ podium; which I assume is one of their requirements. A PA system is essential in any live music performance. It is an electronic sound distributor that a microphone and amplifiers are connected to. This is the machine that makes the voices from their microphones heard. A stage is important as well...

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Sound Engineering

common devices include microphones, radio receivers, tape recorders, CD players, amplifiers, AV receivers, mixing consoles and speakers. Although these devices can be used by the average Joe, the can be put into further use by a sound engineer. A microphone for instance is a device that a live sound engineer would use for setting up a stage performance. Another microphone would be used for a studio engineer setting up the sound booth. The difference is that one microphone is specifically made for...

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The Way to Freedom ( Film Ib Portfolio) (Sound Engineer) (1st One)

C 5th Attic/Film Production: As sound engineer in this film I had different steps to adjust the music. At the moment of shooting we had a lot of environmental sounds like wind, waves, people talking, animals and cars sounds. The wind the microphones used, the filtration and sound capability at the recording sounds of the video were not applied. This time we have no problem with this sounds because, all this sounds were going to be muted and replaced with the song. Our song is composed from...

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Singing Master

technologies personal experiences and collective memories that go far beyond electric cords but turn it into a more hi–end utilitiy. Statement of the Problem Karaoke has become a very popular activity for people of all ages. It involves singing into a microphone while music is playing and lyrics are displayed on a screen, which provides both auditory and visual prompts. Karaoke has been found to have physical, social, cognitive and psychological benefits for people with disabilities. How will the application...

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Piezoelectric Crystal

some substances like quartz, as mentioned above, can generate potential differences of thousands of volts 2. As sensing elements Detection of pressure variations in the form of sound is the most common sensor application, e.g. piezoelectric microphones. Sound waves bend the piezoelectric material, creating a changing voltage 3. Ultrasound imaging Piezoelectric sensors are used with high frequency sound in ultrasonic transducers for medical imaging .For many sensing techniques, the sensor can...

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Fm Transmitter

Low Power FM Transmitter Rod Elliott (ESP) Share| [pic] Introduction This article should satisfy those who might want to build a low power FM transmitter. It is designed to use an input from another sound source (such as a guitar or microphone), and transmits on the commercial FM band - it is actually quite powerful, so make sure that you don't use it to transmit anything sensitive - it could easily be picked up from several hundred metres away. The FM band is 88 to 108MHz, and although it...

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Billy Bob

genuine copy of Windows Vista (x86 or x64) * Currently, only English-language editions of Windows are supported. * A microphone. We recommend the following in addition: * A minimum of 1GB of memory is recommended. * Completing the Microphone Wizard and the Windows Speech Recognition tutorial before using WSR Macros. This will ensure that your microphone is properly set-up and help the speech engine become adapted to your voice. * Speakers or headset for sound and voice output...

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