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Part 1

Student name: QIN Wanmeng (Benson)
      Student number: 08950415
      Tutor’s name: Erin Barclay
      Date: 21/07/2014
           Word count: 798

 Content page page
1.0Introduction -------------------------------------------------- 3

2.0 Intrapersonal effectiveness ------------------------------ 3

2.1 Jackson LSP ----------------------------------------------------- 4

2.2 Reflection ---------------------------------------------------- 5

2.3 Areas for development ------------------------------------- 6

Reference list ----------------------------------------------------- 7

The purpose of this portfolio is develop an understanding of skills. BSD124 is a business subject which can teach how to work effectively in a formal business environment. This portfolio will reflect my weakness and strengths base on Intrapersonal effectiveness. Furthermore I will describe the experience and link it with theory. then reflect on it and determining what I should do to improve my effectiveness, finally ensuring my goal.

2.0 Intrapersonal effectiveness
Intrapersonal effectiveness relates to self-knowledge and the ability to act adaptively to the knowledge. This intelligence includes having an accurate picture of oneself (one’s strengths and limitations); awareness of inner moods, intentions, motivations, temperaments, and desires; and the capacity for self-discipline, self-understanding, and self-esteem (Gardner as cited in Noruzi & Rahimi, 2010, p.4). Intrapersonal effectiveness includes activities for improving self awareness, managing emotions and self motivation (Tucker, Sojka, Barone & McCarthy, 2000, p.335). I have chosen to focus on my learning style through the use of Jackson’s Hybrid Model of Learning. Because,I confirmed my personal drawbacks and inspired me from this test.

2.1 Jackson LSP
Jackson (2005; 2008; 2009) designed the Hybrid Model of Learning in Personality which argues that there is a common biological basis to positive and negative outcomes within the workplace, education and the general community. In Jackson's model, Sensation Seeking is seen as a relatively primitive drive which needs re-expression by more sophisticated socio-cognitive mechanisms for it to be the basis of functional learning. The Learning Styles Profiler provides a measure of self-development learning based on a neuropsychological model in which learning is divided into instinctive and conscious learning. Instinctive learning is fixed and stable whereas conscious learning is more open to self-development. Functional learners are those who have the instinctive urge to explore and learn through sensation seeking and who have learnt how to direct their learning towards achieving constructive outcomes. (Jackson, C. J., 2011)

2.2 Reflection
According to the results in regard of my strengths and weaknesses, first of all, as a strong sensation seeker, I will be engrossed in initiating learning opportunities and tries new knowledge. In fact,that was true in my life. I invariably experienced different field and have many Hobbies.

Secondly, my goal oriented achiever score is 21. Combining to my sensation seeker score. It is meaning that I am a weakly Functional Learner. I frequently made goals but rarely accomplished. time are more I lack the concept of goal and quite difficult to setting specific and difficult goals which if set could channel thinking resources towards more of an achievement orientation. Furthermore, compare my performance with others ,I tend to avoiding failure than achieving success. Thirdly, I get a lowest score in the five aspects. Low Emotionally Intelligent Achievers mean I perhaps learn how to avoid lead to mistakes and do not learn how to overcome the mistakes. In my career,I tend to repeat the same mistake and lack autonomy....
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