The Universe

Topics: Universe, Galaxy, Redshift Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: October 16, 2013
Origins of the Universe
1.Identify the current theory of the formation of the universe. The big bang theory.
2.Describe the Doppler effect.
The Doppler Effect is when waves moving away from you have a longer wavelength (lowpitch) and waves moving towards you have a shorter wavelength (high pitch) 3.Explain how the Doppler effect gives us information about the movement of stars andgalaxies. Stars moving away from us are red shifted (light of longer wavelength) while stars movingtowards us are blue shifted (shorter wavelength) 4.-

5.Use a model to describe the expanding universe.
Hubble's law states the further away stars and galaxies were, the faster they were going.Thefact that most galaxies are moving away suggests that the universe is expanding. 6.Explain the big bang theory.

14 billion years ago, the universe exploded from a singularity containing a lot of concentratedenergy. The energy converted into matter and antimatter. The universe expanded relativelyslowly, then within a fraction of a second, inflated a lot bigger at a very high temperature.When a matter and antimatter particle met, they annihilated, releasing a burst of energycalled a photon. After the annihilations, a small excess of matter was left over, which thenbecame the building blocks of the universe. Three minutes later, when the universe was 1billion degrees Celsius, quarks began to clump in threes to form protons and neutrons. Aproton is the nucleus of the simplest atom - hydrogen. A proton and a neutron formeddeuterium, which then formed helium. (77%hydrogen, 23% helium) 7.Describe what must have happened after the Big Bang.

The expanding universe was foggy and opaque, containing energy in the form of radiation.300 000 years after the big bang, the universe dropped to 3000°C. This allowed the electronsto be captured by hydrogen and helium nuclei to form new atoms and elements, and the fogstarted to clear. As it expanded, radiation took the form of heat, radio waves and microwaves.A...
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