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HELIUM CONTENTS INTRODUCTION………………….….…………………… PROPERTIES……………………………….……………… OCCURRENCE…………………………………………… USES………………..……………………………………… BIBLIOGRAPHY……...…………………………………… INTRODUCTION Heliums name comes from the Greek word “helios”, meaning sun. Helium is odourless and colourless and remains as a gas at room temperature; this chemical element is abbreviated as He. Helium has two protons in its nucleus whereas the atomic number of helium is 2 and is listed in group VIII of the periodic...

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Paper on Helium Element

 General Chemistry Paper on Chemical Elements: Helium Jensen Vu Rabun Gap-Nacochee School Helium is an element in the periodic table. It has the symbol He and an atomic number of 2. Its average atomic mass is about 4.002602 u. There are 7 known isoptopes of helium, bearing the electron configuration 1s2. The ionic radius of this element is 93 pm. Helium was first observed and found by French astronomer Pierre Jules César Janssen along with the scientist Joseph Norman Lockyer in 1868, adding...

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How Is Helium Produced?

"How Is Helium Produced?" Production: Although Helium is one of the most common elements in the universe it is a rare gas on earth. It exists in the atmosphere in such small quantities (less than five parts per million) that recovering it from the air is uneconomical. Helium is produced as a by-product of the refining of natural gas, which is carried out on a commercial scale in the USA and Poland. In these areas natural gas contains a relatively high concentration of Helium which has accumulated...

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Shortage of Helium

Econ 201 Dr. Popp 10/25/12 Helium Shortage The second element on the periodic table; He, also known as helium, is a gaseous element that is located somewhere in the sun’s atmosphere and deep underground in some natural gasses (Helium 2012.) Helium can be refined and later stored in tanks to be sold to the market. But where exactly does the helium go after it has been refined? And in what state of matter does Helium sell at the most? It is unknown to many, but helium is actually used for more than...

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Helium 3

HELİUM 3 As we know, helium is a lightweight and non-radioactive isotope of helium with two protons and one neutron. Also it sometimes called ‘tralphium’. According to many experts, helium-3 can be a clean nuclear power. There are many benefits of helium-3 but the most important problem is that there is very little helium-3 available on the Earth. First of all, I will give general some information about helium-3 isotope. Helium-3 | General | Name, symbol | Helium-3, 3He...

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The Universe

nucleus of the simplest atom - hydrogen. A proton and a neutron formeddeuterium, which then formed helium. (77%hydrogen, 23% helium) 7.Describe what must have happened after the Big Bang. The expanding universe was foggy and opaque, containing energy in the form of radiation.300 000 years after the big bang, the universe dropped to 3000°C. This allowed the electronsto be captured by hydrogen and helium nuclei to form new atoms and elements, and the fogstarted to clear. As it expanded, radiation took...

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Uses of Noble Gases

Noble Gas | Uses | Property | Argon | Light bulbs | Doesn’t react with the metal filament | Helium | Used with O2 for deep sea dives | Low solubility of helium in the blood. | Helium | To inflate the tyres of large aircraft | Non-flammable | Helium | To fill airships and weather balloons | Low density, does not burn | Neon | In advertising signs because it glows red when electricity passes | Conductor of electricity at high voltage | Krypton/Xenon | In lamps used in photographic flash...

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phase is a carrier gas, usually an inert gas such as helium or an unreactive gas such as nitrogen and the stationary phase is a microscopic layer of liquid or polymer on an inert solid support, inside a piece of glass or metal tubing called a column. Theory: Like for all other chromatographic techniques, a mobile and a stationary phase are required for this technique. The mobile phase (=carrier gas) is comprised of an inert gas i.e., helium, argon, or nitrogen. The stationary phase consists of...

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Into The Universe Stephen Hawking Analysis

It creates a new, heavier element called helium. Some of the matter in this reaction is covered to pure energy which bursts out in all direction. In this process, a new star is created. The first star was a 1000 times bigger than our own sun and it gave off deep blue color. The first elements were created in these stars. If we were to cut open a star, we would see that helium sinks to the center and hydrogen stays near the surface of the star. As Helium reacts with one another, it creates a new...

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Radioactive Decay, Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion

emits an alpha particle it is alpha decay, the alpha particle emitted contains two protons and two neutrons which is equivalent to a helium nucleus being released. Alpha decay occurs because there are too many protons, which causes excessive repulsion within the nucleus, and in an attempt to reduce the repulsion the helium nucleus will be emitted from the atom. The helium nucleus is constantly colliding with the walls of the nucleus and due to its mass and energy it will tunnel out of the nucleus. ...

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