The Ultimate Service

Topics: Key Club, Community service, Homelessness Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: April 15, 2014
In today’s world it is no question that the best form of service that an individual or a group of volunteers can perform is community service. Generally community service is the thoughtful practices of people in order to better their environment and society. Actions such as helping the homeless, cleaning up after vandalized walls, providing food for the less fortunate, educating children with learning disabilities, recycling, and helping the aged are all forms of performing community service. A successful community service involves the best talents to overcome stereotypes and judgments, as well as having a genuine enthusiasm for helping others while building the capabilities of the clients served. Although it is difficult to make time for community service because of busy schedules, community service is something worth making time for because it is a life changing experience accompanied by many rewards.

Community service allows one to possess the heart-warming feeling of happiness and thankfulness. Regardless of how big or long the service is, the feeling of gratitude envelops the body and creates a new positive perspective. For example, back in November 2009, I performed community service with my cousin Kristy and her church. We drove out to Los Angeles, entered a compact church, and set up food to feed the homeless. While others set up tables and chairs, my cousin and I helped the older women prepare food. Together we made Korean barbeque, rice, and several side dishes. Once we opened the doors, I was appalled at the number of homeless people that lived in Los Angeles. While the countless number of people began to form a line, I slowly scanned each individual only to end up feeling a little melancholy. They were dirty, scrawny, withered down, and weak. I wanted to help. Unfortunately there was no way I could fix the homeless’ situation. As a result, I did the next best thing and talked to them after serving them a full plate of food. I had the opportunity to...
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