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Topics: Community service, Civil society, Community Pages: 2 (895 words) Published: November 2, 2014
What is Community Service Community service is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institution. Community Service is when someone performs an action which benefits his or her community. History - Community Service Society was formed in Albany, New York during 1939 by the merger of two venerable social service agencies The New York Association of the Condition of the Poor (founded in 1843) and The Charity Organization Society (founded in 1882) What is the purpose of Community Services To learn things working for a non-profit or other agency that you would never learn otherwise (about certain issues/subjects, about specific tasks, about ways of working, etc.) To engage in activities that will look great on your resume and college applications. To meet people you wouldnt otherwise, which will help you in a variety of situations you may not have encountered yet or undertaken successfully (in dealing with diversity, in understanding how various systems work, in knowing people who might be able to help you get a job later, etc.) To have a greater understanding of your community, which will help you make more informed decisions when you vote. What are the two types of Community Services Voluntary Services - It includes helping, assisting, or serving another person or persons without pay. Involuntary Services - Commitment done by an individual against someones will Compulsory Types of Voluntary Services Corporate Social Responsibility - It is where companies provide monetary donations to non-profit organizations in recognition of their employees volunteerism. Religious Services - Also known as Christian Services. Services that falls under this category, holds many strong beliefs about community service. They view serving ones church and community as a way of showing Gods unconditional love. Personal Benefits Services - People under this category are usually participating to reflect on the difference they are making in society....
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