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The study of personalities

By jwest0502 Oct 02, 2013 522 Words
The study of personalities has evolved since ancient times. Various assessments have been developed over centuries to help describe an individual’s pattern of behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Researchers have linked many personality traits back to a person’s heredity, culture, and situation. They also believe every individual has a difference in their characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior that make up their personality. The purpose of this paper is to describe personality and factors that make up a person’s personality.

When I think about what makes up a person, I believe that a combination of many different factors that make each of us unique. Every person is unique in the way they that have been raised, the situations that each faces while growing up, and, at the most basic makeup, our genes. Our upbringing also has a lot to do with who we are as it shapes our morals and values. As we grow up, it is our parents that we look up to for guidance on how to act and what is right and wrong.

I believe that we are also shaped greatly by the culture in which we are raised. It is through this culture, and a combination of our upbringing, that we form our ideas of what is socially acceptable. This combination of upbringing and culture may instill a form of spirituality or religiousness in us, which in turn, will typically have an effect on our morals and values. Culture has an effect on how we as individuals interact with others and with the environment. It is also through culture and religion that we have developed our language and traditions.

Above all, I believe that our life experiences truly make us who we are. These experiences shape how we react to situations around us. Our experiences affect our outlooks on life and how we approach the world. In most cases, it is a combination of all of the life experiences that we have that gradually and continuously build upon each other, that shape our personalities and our outlooks. Though, rarely, we sometimes are faced with profound experiences that, in one fell swoop, may change our entire demeanor or outlook.

I believe that all of these things come together to shape who we are as a person. These unique characteristics have a profound impact on our lives and affect the direction that our lives take in almost every decision. Values and morals play a part in our relationships and will most likely have an effect on whom we marry and how we raise our children. All of these things may even have an effect on what career we decide to pursue in our lives.

I know that my culture and beliefs have definitely shaped my career as a law enforcement officer. This has happened with influence from my parents, other officers that I looked up to as a young child, and my uncle that was a police officer for many years. I think without my parents playing a major role in helping shape my morals and standards I would not be the person that I am today.

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