Personality Psychology

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Theory Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Personality is made up with qualities and beliefs that that we have that make up whom we are. Personality starts at birth and could under go changes as we age. Who we were in high school may not be who we are now in college. Psychologist incorporates ideas and theories to define personality and the changes behind it by using experimental designs to back up their research. Many psychologists have tried to define what personality is through their own theories and what they envisioned it could possibly be, and by analyzing their concept and theories this will help me determine my own personality and the changes that occur as I age. Carls Jung develops his own theory to define personality. His belief of having balance between our inner needs and meeting the demands of society categorized the changes of personality. Carl Jung describes personality in two different dimensions, introvert and extrovert. (Page 240) Introverts are those who are occupied with their inner world meaning they are in their own thoughts and feelings. Extroverts are those that are more associated with the external worlds. From personal experience, when I was younger, my English was very limited and I was always embarrassed to speak to others and my parents never encouraged me to do so, as they always wanted me to be home right away after school. I was stuck in my own world living up to what my parents expect a young woman should be. Although, as I became older my personality changed as I was more exposed to the external world, I was working and became more independent when I realized I didn’t need to meet with my parents expectations but rather my own. As Jung’s described, as age progressed there is less pressure to meet culturally sex roles. (Page 240)

Society also played a role in personality changes as well. The more I was exposed in the external world the more I grew. I saw the world in a different light than I did when I was younger and living under my parent’s rules and expectations....
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