Personality Studies

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Physiognomy The term "physiognomy" refers to features of the face, when these features are used to infer the character or temperament of an individual. Physiognomy associates any feature of the face and head with personal characteristics and certain personality traits and abilities. Physiognomic messages might include a person's genetic background (e.g., race, ethnicity), genetic diseases (e.g., Down's syndrome), and more fuzzy concepts such as romantic compatibility, suitability for certain positions or the destiny of the person. As a practice, physiognomy has a long history in Western and Eastern cultures. It still attracts attention as a curiosity and books and popular articles retain an interest.

Merton Method for Employers Holmes W. Merton invented the Merton Method in the late 19th century to match a person's character to a suitable job. Merton specialized in matching personal characteristics to vocations, and he invented a unique set of traits that he claimed are relevant to job performance. He divided the face into dozens of different areas, each area reflecting one or more of his traits, thus matching a face to a job. Many large corporations used this method to make employment and job assignment decisions.

Stereotypes of Police Caricature of the criminal: thug with small, beady, close-set eyes, large jaw and puffy cheeks, bent nose, unshaven with threatening expression. Analysis of physiognomic characteristics has been employed in the criminal justice system. Some paid legal consultants offer advice to trial lawyers about their clients, prospective jurors, and witnesses based on their facial characteristics. They know that jurors respond to the faces of the defendant and the witnesses, so they try to optimize the favorableness of the impressions jurors are likely to form (such consultants are most often used by the defense). For example, research shows that a baby-faced person is less likely

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