The Stress Of My Life

Topics: Temperature, Mind, Prince Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Xuong Ly (Ken)
Professor: Suzanne Crisci

The Stress in my life
In the writing class, the professor, Suzanne asked us to write an essay about stresses in our life. Everybody also has stresses in their life, I too. Nathan DeWall mention “Stress often strikes without warning”. The questions in my brain are: “Why do I have stresses in my life? How did they come? Will I have mental disease of those stresses”. The stresses come from affecting of jobs, sickness, examinations, broken hearts, losing family or friends...etc.. and any thing else.

I remember when our lovely professor ask us about; “Who has stress in the life”. Everybody raises their hands. There are almost 100 percent people in the class have the stress; I too. I am not surprised of this result; but my mind appears the questions “How did stresses come to our life?”. Suddenly, there is a story be back in my mind. I think this memory will be in my brain forever. This is a personality story of my life when I was a kid. I never told this story to anyone before. When I was in third grade in the primary school. I was a very naughty boy. I used to jump on the tables at break time and tease another students. I didn’t like to study; therefore, my grade was very low. In the final of that class, my primary teacher told me “You can not pass this class because of bad behavior and low leaned capacity. You have to study this class again”. After her yelling, my body was similar to no more strength, very weak. I am wasn’t like myself anymore. I was very anxious, and my heart broke very fast. I didn’t know how my parents would behave me. I thought a lot “They will give me many thrashing, don’t feed me, or expel me from the house”. The terrible thing came. They gave me the horrible thrashings. My whole body was swell and bruise. I had to wait about one to two month in order to complete the healing. Not at all, I could not have a good sleep; they kept me studied extremely hard, and I was the...
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