The Skeletal System

Topics: Skeletal system, Bone, Bone marrow Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: September 22, 2014
The Skeletal System provides us with many important functions. It provides us with the shape and form for our bodies as well as supporting, protecting, allowing our body to move freely, producing blood for the body, and storing minerals. The Skeletal System is the system of our body that gives our body its physical shape and with the help of the Muscular System it keeps us moving and makes us able to do tasks that we don't think about like raising our leg to kick a football or using our legs to boost us into the air to spoil the mark. The Skeletal System works directly with the help of the skeletal system which would explain why it is often referred to as the muscular-skeletal System. The average adult skeleton has 206 bones that are joined up with ligaments and tendons to make a protective and supportive framework for the muscles and the soft tissues which lie underneath it. The 206 bones form a rigid framework that the softer tissues and organs of the body are attached to, the vital organs are also protected by the Skeletal System, the brain is protected by the skull just like the heart and lungs are protected by the sternum and rib cage. The skeleton has two main parts: The Axial Skeleton and The Appendicular Skeleton, The Axial Skeleton contains the skull, spine, ribs and the sternum (which is the breastbone) and includes another 80 bones. The Appendicular Skeleton includes two limb girdles (the shoulders and the pelvis) and their attached limb bones (arms and legs). This part of the skeletal system contains 126 bones, 64 in the shoulders and upper limbs and 62 in the pelvis and lower limbs. The limbs are probably some of the easiest bones to break as they are away from the bodies protection and seeing as we can land on the awkwardly and break them. The movement of the body is carried out by the muscular and skeletal systems, the muscles are connected to bones by tendons, bones are connected to each other by ligaments, where bones meet each another is...
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