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The Skeletal System

Glendalyn Buchanan Project 1 11-12-2012 Biol-170 Ms. Lee

The Skeletal System

What is the skeletal system? - The bodily system that consists of the bones, that associated cartilages, the joints, support and protect the body. It also Produce blood cells and stores minerals.

- It is bone in your body together make the
skeletal system.

The skeletal system

The skeletal system

What role does the skeletal system play in human body? - support - protection - movement - storage - blood cell formation

The skeletal system

How many functions do the skeletal system have? - The system has 5 functions 1.It support and stabilizes tissue such as muscle, blood and lympatic vessels, nerves, fat and skin. 2. protects vital organs of the body such as brains, spinal cords, the heart and lungs. 3. assits body movement by providing attachments for muscle that pull on the bones that act as levers. 4. it manufactures blood cells and occur cheify in red bone marrow. 5. also a storage area for mineral salts, especially calcium and fats.

The skeletal system

How many bones do the skeletal system consists? - The skeletal system consists of 206 bones in adults. - Human infants are born with 300 to 350 bones some which fuse together as the body develops.

The skeletal system

What do the skeletal system consists of ?
- Cartliage- a connective tissue is the enviroment in which bone develops in a fetus. Also formed at end of certain bones and joints in adults. Provides smooth surface for bones to move aganist each other. - Liagments- are tough connective tissue structures that attach bones to bones like the ligament that attach the head of the femur to the acetubulum of the pelvic bone in the hip joint. - Tendons- are similar structure that attach muscle to bone.

The skeletal system

What are the two division of the skeletal system? - Axial- which consists of 80 bones, the skull, rib cages,and the vertebral....
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