skeletal system

Topics: Heart, Blood, Exercise physiology Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: November 27, 2013
 Paula Radcliffe

The long term effects of Paula’s skeletal system is that her bones will get stronger, this is due to the bones density increasing, and calcium increasing in the bones. Another effect is that her ligaments would become more flexible. This is due to the elasticity increasing, therefore reducing any risk of injury from a pulled/ripped ligament. The amount of synovial fluid she produces would also go up. This would help her, because synovial lubricates the joints, therefore making it easier for her to move. There would also be in an increase in cartilage. This would help her prevent any injury because cartilage helps protect the bones. She would also have an increase in calcium stores.


Paula’s muscles would increase in size. This is also known as hypertrophy. This is because as she trains often, she would get micro tears. When this happens, the muscles repair themselves, and gets bigger every time they tear. Her muscles also grow stronger. Her muscles would also gain more muscular endurance. This is due to all the training she does, the muscles are used to doing more exercise. She would also have more PC stores. She would also have an increased range of movement. This is because she has to warm up before each run or exercise she does, therefore, she has an increased range of movement. She would also have an increased blood supply. During exercise, the blood flow to the active muscles increases to allow for more oxygen and nutrients to be available to those muscles which are using oxygen and available glycogen stores. This increase in blood flow also allows for more waste products to be carried away from those muscles being worked.


The long term effect of the cardiovascular system is that her heart would increase in size. This is due to cardiac hypertrophy. The heart works more efficiently, this is because as she trains often, her heart is used to all the exercise she...
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