The Science Of Life

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'AYURVEDA' the science of life which is the natural healing system to mankind. Ayurveda originated as part of 'Vedic science'. Ayurveda includes herbal medicine, Dietities, body work, surgery, psychology and spirituality. 'AYU' means life 'VEDA' means science, so literally 'AYURVEDA' means 'science of life'.

AYURVEDA is part of a new movement towards a global medicine that includes the best developments in the medicines of all lands of all the system. Ayurveda is probably the best point of synthesis for such a global medicine. One is impressed by the vast conceptual canvas and framework of Ayurveda. It is important to realize that Ayurveda is not confined to medicine only.

The emphasis on the maintenance of positive health or Swastha Vritha is a distinguish feature of Ayurveda. In order to maintain positive health Ayurveda, prescribes specific daily routine 'Dinacharya' and also a seasonal regime 'Ritucharya'. In dinacharya great importance is given to diet which is to be taken in a proper way with regards to quality, quantity as well as frequency. In daily regime Ayurveda advocates not to suppress certain natural physical wages like micturition, defecation, hunger, Sleep etc. On the other hand suppressions of harmful psychic urges is advocated by Ayurveda-like greed, fear, anger, vanity, jealousy, malice and excessive attachment to anything.

Ayurveda gives equal importance to mental health for which a regime of ethical life (sadurutta) is prescribed. Strict mental discipline and strict adherence to moral values is considered a pre-requisite for mental health. The aim of Ayurveda is to promote health, increase immunity and resistance-and to cure Disease. Clinical approach in Ayurveda:

There are three means open to the physicians for ascertaining the nature of any sideness. They are;

Theoretical knowledge of the possible causes and symptoms and signand Complaints. •Otorhinolaryngology and Ophthalmology(Shalakya)
Surgery( Shalya)

In the...
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