Alternative Medicines Final

Topics: Acupuncture, Alternative medicine, Medicine Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: September 27, 2014
AHS 230
Final Exam
Fall 2010

1. Analyze how western (allopathic) medicine could benefit from incorporating more eastern (holistic) medicine. Use at least three specific examples. (6 points) Allopathic medicine could benefit from many of the principles of holistic medicine. One of the eight basic principles of holistic health care is that health requires an integration of mind, body and spirit. This idea is present in meditation and research suggests that those who meditate are healthier, especially in regard to stress induced illnesses. Western medicine could also benefit from the idea that the individual must affirm personal responsibility for their own health. Too often in our society people don't want to change the habits that are making them unhealthy. Another principle that could provide benefit to western medicine is the idea that disease is a process and provides an opportunity for personal growth. Currently western medicine views disease as a negative and focuses on treating symptoms.

2. You are developing a cardiac rehab class for patients after they have heart surgery. You could use Respiratory One Method, Mindfulness Meditation, or Imagery. Explain which one you choose to use and why. (4 points) Studies indicate that ROM is an effective treatment in cardiac disorders, reducing PVC's and instances of SVT, however it does not specify post cardiac surgery results. On the other hand imagery has proved to be helpful pre and post surgery in recovery times. Imagery shows to benefit bloodflow, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, help with pain and even improve cancer patients outcomes. Based on it's wide range of benefits, I would utilize Imagery.

3. You want to try an Eastern therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, or Ayurvedic) for your asthma. Choose one and describe your reasoning. (4 points) I would choose Acupuncture based on the research and experiments mentioned in the book. Several different studies...
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