Traditional Knowledge

Topics: Indigenous peoples, Amazon Rainforest, Amazon Basin Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 17, 2013
What is TK?

Traditional Knowledge (TK) or Indigenous Knowledge (IK) or Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK) and local knowledge E is defined as knowledge and values which have been acquired through experience, observation, from the land or from spiritual teachings, and handed down from one generation to another

What Does TK Include?
 Traditional knowledge includes types of knowledge related to various categories like Knowledge of plants and animals and their properties
Minerals and soils and their properties;
Combinations of organic and inorganic matters;
Medicinal knowledge
Expressions of folklore in the form of music, dance, song, handicraft, stories and art work. Knowledge in the field of science, technology, ecology, medicine, agriculture, biodiversity Art and literature also come under the scope of tradition knowledge.

Traditional knowledge has been defined as "a cumulative body of knowledge, know-how, practices and representations maintained and developed by peoples with extended histories of interaction with the natural environment Traditional knowledge typically distinguishes one community from another Indigenous and local communities often do not have strong traditions of ownership over knowledge that resemble the modern forms of private ownership Traditional knowledge is not a natural category, and may reflect power struggles and relationships for land, resources and social control

Importance of Traditional Knowledge
Agriculture: Indian Ayurveda and Unani system of medicines depends on a diversity of biological resources and associated traditional knowledge Healthcare: Local communities improved and nurtured diversity in flora and fauna through their traditional practice Wild biodiversity: Through cultural beliefs and traditional practices local communities have conserved wild areas including natural ecosystems Cosmology: Traditional knowledge in these cosmologies is inextricably bound to ancestors, and...
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