swarna bindu prasana

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Is your child frequently becoming sick?

Is your child not performing well in the school?

Ayurveda has the answer to
Overcome these problems……….



Swarna Bindu Prashana is a safe Ayurvedic combination beneficial for children. The medicine is administered on the day of Pushya Nakshatra (most preferable) or any day in every month to attain greater efficacy.


Increases immunity and intelligence
Improves span of attention, concentration, memory and learning ability Prevents common recurrent infections
Reduces temper tantrum, attention deficits, bed wetting and other psycho somatic problems Good sense of hearing, speech and visual acuity
Controls asthma and other allergic conditions
It helps to maintain good health in healthy children by preventing common ailments It tones skin colour & Enhances the skin lustre


Administering immunization regularly every month on Pushya Nakshatra Day, bestows excellent benefits.

For children from 0-16 years.

Good results if given for at least 24 months.

No / 0% side effects have been noted so far.

Bring your Swarna Bindu Immunization record on every visit.

Dear Parents ,

Ayurvedic immunization is an ancient method with modern standardization, ideal to be adopted during early years of brain development. Ayurveda explains SWARNA BINDU PRASHANA while Modern medicine explains about vaccines.

Vaccines produce immunity against specific diseases where as swarna bindu prashana produces non specific immunity along with many other effects

Ayurveda mainly helps to maintain the healthy state of mind and body.

Mode of action:

Ayurvedic immunization works on same line as vaccines do. This develops resistance in the body for many types of toxin. In other words it produces immunity.

Reference from classics : Kashyapa Samhita Sutrasthana verse no 18 / 4 - 5

“आमथ्या मधु सर्पिभ्यम लेहयेत...
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