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TOK Presentation Planning: Homeopathy

Has homeopathy been tricking people or it is a trick itself, and most importantly is it ethically acceptable?

1. Define Homeopathy: it derives its name from the Greek words "homoios" meaning similar, and "pathos" meaning suffering. It is a holistic approach. This entails taking into account not just the illness/condition, but the person as a whole. That is their mental, spritual, and psychological states also, even their lifestyle. 2. Introduction on homeopathy, probably mention some bullet points such as: • Homoeopathic medicines are energy. They are prepared by extreme dilutions and contain no material substance in them above certain potency. This eliminates the dangers and hence, no side effects. • But still large overdose of homoeopathic medicine than what is being prescribed by the physician is not considered to be healthy. • The therapeutic ratio (dose for “effective” treatment/Dose for harmful effects) is massively high for homeopathy. Homeopathy follows the Hippocratic Oath… “First, do no harm.” • Homeopathic medicines are not employed against one particular area or organ of the body. • The homeopathic remedy is chosen because it matches as closely as possible the totality of symptoms of the patient. 3. State how it has been discovered and its success since the discovery of it. 4. Articles about homeopathy, where historical events are mentioned in relation to homeopathy or homeopathic, and their experiences. 5. Debate on homeopathy. Two sides of parties each debating for and against the use of homeopathy remedies. 6. Comment on how it has deceived patients and how it has led to a new business market where so much money is made out of it. 7. What ways can be done to prove that homeopathy actually works.

• Apart from its ability to resolve many illnesses, it is also able to balance our underlying state of health, bringing with it greater emotional and mental clarity. •...
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