Topics: Hypertension, Heart, Homeopathy Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The issue I am focusing on is about homeopathy, which is a remedy of natural type substances to diminish health problems. Not a cure but a path in which people can take to coincide with already taken medications or such. The one health concern that my two articles discus, is heart disease and how homeopathy plays a role in this disease. Both articles are pro homeopathy remedies for heart disease. I believe that the homeopathy remedy is positive for heart disease but should not take place f any medicines or solutions prescribed by cardiologists, only added to daily routines. Article 1 explains that homeopathy focuses on symptoms not diagnosis to determine a remedy. In particular homeopaths look for a symptom that sets the patient apart from others with similar complaints. The author of this article is Jule Klotter. The title is Heart disease, emotions and homeopathy, source; Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternate Medicine. In this article the Author points out some research By Eric Udell. This is a case study, in which homeopathy relieved symptoms of cardiac illness. The case involved a woman in her early seventies with a diagnosis of mild hypertension, enlargement of the heart and abnormal heart beat. Jane had already tried an ACE inhibitor, later replaced by a magnesium supplement and a herbal combination that included the herbs Hawthorne berry and Indian snake root. Although these treatments had helped a bit, she still experienced constricting chest pain, palpitations and elevated blood pressure. Jane’s physical and emotional symptoms clearly pointed to the remedy of Natrum Muriaticum. Jane took nat 6C twice daily for three weeks before returning to the clinic for a follow up. She reported that she had not had chest pain or palpations since the previous visit and that her grief had abated. At the next appointment, four weeks later, she reported that the chest pain and anxiety had begun to recur. Because her symptoms continued to fit the profile for Nat mur,...
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