Essay On Traditional Healing

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Recently more and more Americans are turning towards alternative types of medicine rather than normal practices. There are many factors that lead individuals to these allopathic or holistic methods of healing. Some of the factors present are due to doctor availability, cultural differences, financial reasons, religious beliefs, and or limitations of modern medicine. Alternative healing has a wide variety of options such as folk healing, faith healing, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), chiropractic, and osteopathy.
Healings are frequently used by the lower class due to the services being less expensive compared to modern medicine practices. Folk healing in particular deals with several cultures for example the healers include African American folk healers, Curanderismo healing, and American Indian healing. Many of the remedies are passed down from generations due to historical experiences of the patient’s family or ethnic group. Examples of these remedies include ginger tea, honey, lemon juice, garlic, salt, sassafras, and sugar.
Another type of healing surrounds religious beliefs known as faith healing. This uses the power of suggestion, prayer, and faith to promote healing. Some healers reject medical treatment as incompatible with their beliefs
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These options include acupuncture, the ancient Chinese technique of inserting fine needles in specific point of the body in order to ease pain and stimulate bodily immunity. Another group is homeopathy where a material, which causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people, cures similar conditions in sick people. Next is naturopathy, this system of medicine deals with the healing power of nature. These doctors find the etiology of a disease based on the understanding of a person’s body, mind, and spirit. A few other groups of options are practices such as dietary supplements, aromatherapy, shiatsu, and

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