The Relationship That Exists Between the Police and the Community

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In most community’s the police and the residents have some sort of trust in each other, but several others around the united states feel distrust with the police due to corruption, bad practices, and racial hate. In essence it’s clear that most community’s is a far stretch from what some would say reading this as in some places the police do not even respond to any sort of call if it is what they would say is a ‘high crime area’. Now, this could cause the responders (If any) to become lax or even not respond at all until the crime is well over, and the damage is done.

Race discrimination is almost common place in smaller or more secluded towns, but the relationship to the police is almost too strong as they are usually puppets of the so called people in power around the town. This isn’t the case in all towns, but in some it is, and coming into the town if you’re not their color will cause a lot of uproar. Thus, this is not the case everywhere, but it is a fact that stands due to many other reasons in the States. Now, many things could be said about the police, but they have become more lax unless It’s something so big that they have to act. “If there is distrust in the community, it doesn’t really matter why or who is at fault. We just need to fix it,” said Officer Chris Pawelski, Dayton Police Department’s community engagement officer (Wynn, 2012). This is what was said from an officer of the Dayton Police department a year ago due to the fact of a police officer shooting a black man and due to that it was clear that some change had to come in order. This isn’t the first time in history that the police has lost trust in the people they serve or the other way around, but it’s simply a push to have the poilce look like something bad and ugly. Now, we could get into gangs, but the point would be lost if the subject matter was to change to the topic of several people forming their own unit to shoot, stab, or sell illegal drugs.

Thus, in the end it is clear...

References: Wynn, K. (2012, April 7). Police aim to improve community relationship. Retrieved from Dayton Daily News:
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