Community Policing

Topics: Police, Crime prevention, Crime Pages: 4 (1548 words) Published: August 2, 2013
Community-Oriented Policing

As of chief of police it is my job to fight crime while providing a safer and healthier environment for the community. It is my goal to serve and work with the community for the future of our children and the resting days of our elders. Like other agencies and communities across the nation we as well have challenges and problems. Our community faces numerous challenges and problems that with dedication, determination, persistence, and effort are combatable. Crime to my definition is a like the cancer disease that spreads and the keys to fighting crime is through determination and strong support, in this case the support comes from the community who should never give up the battle on such deadly disease. As chief I plan on focusing on the needs of the community by building a strategic plan with fundamental keys and educational programs to strengthen and enforce the law. The problems in my community are basically due to the expansion and tolerance of gang activity that is now taking over the community. Gang activity reproduces many more problems as well as crime involvement for example in areas of greater gang involvement young children tend to affiliate in such groups and become criminals at a very young age. Yet the biggest problem that in reality my community is facing today is lack of communication by keeping silence instead of speaking up, and lack of interaction by not providing support to the police department. In this case everyone is at fault, both police agency and the community because neither has strived to come up with a resolution. Crime itself is a problem but not doing anything to prevent it or report crime is a much bigger problem. Crime is easily combatable by adopting a community oriented policing and its numerous programs to alleviate the issue. As chief of police, I plan to integrate the three components of community oriented policing which are strategic-oriented policing, neighborhood-oriented...
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