The Reason Why Crm Can Be Used in the Automotive Industry Together

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Automotive industry Pages: 5 (1785 words) Published: May 19, 2011
The reason why CRM can be used in the automotive industry together is three reasons for this - the demand for automotive business, automotive market, and now re-division of the rapid development of science and technology. From the customer demand, customer than before and the purchase of products using a more reasonable number. Customers have been satisfied just to buy products, but more concerned about is whether they can get better service, and that such services should be personalized. From a technical development, the science and technology advances, auto business and customer communication channels between the growing increasingly diverse, with call center, phone, mobile phones, PDAs, e-mail, Internet, websites, and talk face to face and so on. Technology development for the CRM functions of time and the expansion means a lot. A goal of the automotive industry CRM system

CRM to manage customer tracking, and promote exchanges between enterprises and customers to coordinate customer service resources to clients the most timely response. In addition, with the development of computers and communications, we can use the advanced technology and process information in a new generation of smart phones call center technology has already matured, so can play better integrate the functions of computers and communications, effective delivery of customer service . CRM implementation in the automotive business of marketing, sales, service and technical support and customer-related departments, the implementation of the objectives embodied in the following areas: 1.1 By providing fast service to help auto companies to attract more customers. Use of CRM systems, companies can contact with the client about their name, age, family status, income level, address, personal preferences and purchasing habits and other information, and on this basis, matched to their personalized service, Let them feel at home, get the respect they want. By collecting, tracking and analysis of information for each customer, a customer needs to know what their customized products, and the customers want products and services reach them. 1.2 through business process management to reduce the cost of car companies. CRM customer information through the management and discovery will help existing sales, but also provides information on the history of the problem and predict the future, can implement the interaction between business and customers. 1.3 through modern means of communication to reach customer service automation. Phone call can provide fault reporting, business acceptance, customer complaints and other services fully automated. Users only need to dial a single phone number can be direct service, change the number of phone calls before the problem is still unresolved situation. Xinhua Liu almost every event from the call center will be declared, acceptance, distribution, handling every aspect of pre-choreographed fully enter the computer program, and through computer tracking and control. To do so, on the one hand to avoid human factors, improved service quality; the other hand clear of each relevant department and each employee's responsibilities, will work into a unified management. Each call center telephone users can also record in detail the method of recording in the system, be well documented, clearly define the responsibilities. 2 CRM implementation in the automotive industry requirements 2.1 carmakers level of information. While CRM as a marketing system can run separately, no matter their level of informatization, its lower costs, increased efficiency can be achieved, but once the role of CRM related to the strategic level, need to conduct in-depth analysis of all data, and the need for timely feedback to the vehicle design, manufacturing process and other aspects, but also the management of manufacturing enterprises at any time to achieve control, then the level of information in the enterprise itself must be applied with the CRM system, the...
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