Week 4

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CRM System – Week 4 Learning Team Assignment
University of Phoenix

Research and Analysis of CRM Systems
In order for companies to remain competitive it’s important that a strong and loyal customer base be established. While there are many methods to attaining customer information and customer responses, this can be done more successfully through the use of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software package. There are many CRM software packages in use today, however, it’s important that the organization determines its need and implement a CRM that will work for their companies specific demands. This is a key search criteria to assure that the organization does not either implement a CRM that has too many unused features or a CRM that does not have enough or required features within it’s programming code. Customer Relationship System Software Package Comparisons

As Phoenix Wireless seeks to employ a CRM system to attain a customer base and have the ability to store customer data input, it is important for the organization to recommend and compare at least two different CRM software packages that will be both cost effective and suited to meet the organizations needs. In researching the various CRM Systems, two CRM systems that have been found to be suitable and cost effective were compared. The two software systems were SugarCRM and Sales Force Automation. Both software packages have components that can be used for the success of establishing a customer service database but have its advantages/disadvantages.

SugarCRM Software Package
SugarCRM is open-source software that comes in a few different editions: Community (free), Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, and Ultimate. The software can also be rented as an on-demand application or installed on-premise. While most organizations would not even think to utilize open-source software into their infrastructure, I believe that this software will be cost-effective for Phoenix Wireless as an initial CRM system. Technical:

SugarCRM 6 allows for browser-based multitasking. This feature makes it easy to capture and record information from a phone call without having to leave the screen that is being work on. SugarCRM is focused on B2B (Business-to-Business). However, the newer version of SurgarCRM is focused on (Business-to-consumer), which will make it easier for Phoenix Wireless to directly communicate with the consumer as well as with established business partners. SugarCRM can be used on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL as its database and has the capability to control hosting on Amazon Web Services platform through it’s partnership with BitNami. Having this flexibility allows Phoenix Wireless the ability to customize its platform to meet the needs of the organization. The hosting option of SugarCRM uses a “multi-instance” back end where customers has their own application and database while sharing the same underlying hardware. Either platform provides platform deployability between on-premise installation and hosted environment.

SugarCRM has an application called Sugar Mobile “light” which can be installed on iPhone and android devices. This application allows for mobile device administration to input CRM information. This capability allows for the ability to be mobile as Phoenix Wireless conducts their campaign to acquire business partners in the trade. Social CRM

SugarCRM allows for activity from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to be monitored. Activity streams show up directly on the user interface and can be used to attain sales leads and potential opportunities as well as the ability to reply to conversations. Summary

SugarCRM offers clear technical and business advantages for a variance of situations. While the open nature of the platform and the flexible approach to deployment of the software suite will...
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