Consolidating Touchpoints for Saab

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Consolidating Touchpoints for Saab
Management Information Systems

June 21, 2013

When Saab invested in the Seibel Automotive customer relationship management system, I believe they increased their knowledge of the customer base significantly. They have shown that by using this information that they can pull ahead of the competition by knowing their customer base. This helps in various aspects of a business. They tried to use a different approach and failed. Each business is different and they have to find out through trial and error what works best for them to gain a competitive advantage.

Question #1
Explain how implementing a CRM system enabled Saab to gain a competitive advantage.
By implementing a CRM system, Saabs competitive advantage increased. They now have a way to see who is interested in their products and services. In the same sense they can look at a particular segment of people and know what they want from a vehicle. This can make them have the advantage of adding new things to their vehicles before the competition, in turn increase sales.

This creates a channel of communication as well. Communication is a key factor when knowing what people want and look for in a vehicle. For example, now people want blue-tooth in a vehicle so they can connect their phone to the car system and not have to worry about handling a phone or using an ear piece when driving. Knowing this information can make a competitive edge in the industry when known first as a competitor.

Question #2
Estimate the potential impact to Saab’s business if it had not implemented a CRM system.
By not implementing the CRM system, they were slowly spiraling downhill in the market. Their marketing costs were increasing by using the old system. These costs were increasing because of all the third party activity. There was no need for this.

Lead follow-ups were down because the information was not being relayed to...

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