Sap Crm in Automotive

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SAP Solution Brief SAP for Automotive

How to Gain a Competitive Edge by Knowing Your Customers and Transforming that Knowledge into Successful Marketing Strategies for Future Growth

The automotive industry faces significant challenges caused by frequent disconnects in communication between manufacturers, dealers, and end customers. The mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management solution helps increase revenues by enabling firms to manage communications across all sales and marketing channels, collaborate with dealers, interact with customers, and grow brand equity and customer loyalty. The integrated solution offers global insight, low implementation costs, and low total cost of ownership.

Faced with the increasingly complex and competitive environment that characterizes the automotive industry – with challenges ranging from tighter profit margins to new entrants in the newvehicle and aftermarket service business – original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers are turning more aggressively to customer relationship management (CRM) to help attract new customers, increase brand loyalty, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maintain a competitive advantage. Today’s automotive consumers are increasingly well-informed and have an unprecedented level of choice in the marketplace. Customer loyalty is no longer a given and forward-looking automotive companies have to work harder than ever to earn and retain it. To respond to high customer expectations, companies are finding they have to use both traditional and emerging channels to deliver more effective, efficient, and profitable marketing, sales, and customer service. To truly get to know and understand their customers, automotive companies are looking for ways to gather and analyze vital data about their customers, their vehicles, and their transactions with dealers. Only then can they effectively match their products and service offers with the customers they want to target. So companies need to be able to track customer behaviors and then to link that information to not only the production scheduling process – to build the right products now – but also to the product development cycle – to bring new products to market faster. And because OEMs and dealers now often need to collaborate closely, they need to be able to share information with greater visibility in real time.

Acting on these imperatives is hampered by the reality that heterogeneous systems preclude a single view of the customer or vehicle, resulting in a poor understanding of customer preferences, higher costs, decreased responsiveness, and eroding brand equity. A single, integrated solution can help connect disparate sources of relevant data and lead to a better understanding of the automotive customer and to improved implementation and execution of the processes involved in serving that customer. The SAP for Automotive solution portfolio can help. With the mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) solution – part of SAP for Automotive – companies like yours can integrate both SAP® and non-SAP solutions to improve relationships with customers and dealers, enhance communication, and increase profitability. In addition, the SAP solutions can help global companies understand and adapt to shifting demands and service preferences across all regions. The mySAP CRM solution supports key automotive business processes including brand and customer management, vehicle life-cycle management, leasing and financing, dealer channel management, vehicle sales and distribution, interaction center, service parts management, warranty management, dealer business management, and analytics and business process visibility. This solution brief focuses on the core CRM processes. Enabling Collaborative, Customer-Centric Business

business intelligence so that you can integrate analytics into your customer-focused business processes. Real-time business...
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