Operational Plan

Topics: Marketing, Management, Quality control Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Strategic Goal| Operational Activity| Measurement| Person Responsible| Timeline| Increase market share in luxury handbags.| Gain a larger share of the luxury handbag market| Having a better understanding of our customers’ needs and attitudes. Identify new opportunities and future high growth areas| Marketing DepartmentFinance DepartmentSenior Management| 12 Weeks| Design a product that is superior to other comparable styles | Have a product that is higher in quality and appearance. | Consumer interest is increased. Increased feedback from targeted market.| Design DepartmentSenior ManagementSales/ Marketing Department| 6 Weeks| Increase the production capacity devoted to the luxury handbag range.| Ensure enough human resources are available to increase production, also that our physical resources are state of the art.| Low cost of production, minimal wastage and maintaining a high quality product.| Senior ManagementFinance DepartmentHuman Resources| 6 Weeks| Have a percentage of our workforce devoted to the production of our luxury handbag range.| Specific staff are to be trained in the production and quality standards required to produce a luxury handbag.| Increased production, High quality goods being produced, and Highly skilled staff.| Training DepartmentHuman Resources DepartmentQuality Control Department| 4 Weeks| Become the number one luxury handbag manufacturer.| Ensure quality of product continually exceeds competitors (continuous improvement).| Consumer demand increases, increase in profit.| Quality Control DepartmentSales DepartmentFinance Department| This would be a continuous program| Have the most recognisable product range available on the market. | Create advertising and promotional activities through the use of media (television, radio, and internet), retail outlets and trade shows.| Consumer interest is raised and products are being spoken about in the media more often.| Marketing DepartmentSales...
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