CRM Application

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service / Pages: 4 (1186 words) / Published: Oct 26th, 2014
Introduction In any business venture, customers form the most important part of business success. Consequently, organizations’ relationship with the customers is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the business. Therefore in this paper to be discuss why it is important for any organization to implement customer relations management (CRM) to generate relations within their own business and with their customers. CRM Application
Many organizations are spending a large sum of money in developing relationship with their existing and potential customers to ensure effective service delivery. Organizations with good reputations have established good relationships with their customers who get satisfied by the company’s services. Technology developments have made it easy for the companies to manage the customers thy have and the prospective ones. Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems have come handy in managing customers to avoid errors that might arise due lost data, which can have detrimental consequences to the business. Initially, the CRM systems were used primarily by the sales and marketing departments in organizations, but its analytical capabilities have made it useful for other departments as well. There are factors that would guide the organization in choosing a CRM system that suit their needs. Such factors include cost, business objectives, vendors’ reputation, and application integration to be used, among other factors. There are different types of CRM in use today, and the choice would depend on the organization’s needs and capabilities of using the system of choice. All CRM systems broadly fall under three categories that include operational CRM, analytical CRM, and strategic CRM. Therefore, describes the capabilities of a (SFDC), an online CRM system. (SFDC) is one of the most sought after CRM system in the world. It has a broad spectrum of functionalities that allow an organization to apply it

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