The Reason of Why Research Is Very Important in Graphic Design Process

Topics: Graphic design, Design, Typography Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: October 31, 2008
Making a design is not only just directly jump into the media used to create a final version of the design. When you creating a design for someone / some group of people, they may do not have a same taste as you have. They may have a different perception and if they are do not like your design; it may lead to an unsuccessful design. Furthermore, your time that used to creating that piece of design is just a waste; they may hire another graphic designer to finish their project. Graphic designer should avoid that case to be happen, they should know that graphic design is objectively evaluated, it is not subjective. Then how to avoid this kind of situation? The solution is surely, graphic designer should doing some research first before they continuing create the project. This paper will explain about the kind of research on graphic design, what should be researched and the exact advantage of research in graphic design. As an old folk said, “the picture can say a thousand word.”, this is where the problem actually started, how if the word said is wrong, it will led to a more and more problem. Doing research before presenting design to stakeholders or owners are very supportive and vital for ending a graphic design debate, increase graphic design process and understanding the actual project of how the design should be done. Generally, research on graphic design is divided by two, stakeholder’s research and user research. Firstly, try to make a personal meeting with the stakeholders, during this meeting, try to ask as much as you can that related to a design project that you did. The examples of the questions are, who is the target audience for this design project? What is the message that they want to deliver? What are the specs of the project? What is the budget? Is there any specific deadline? Etc. The second type of graphic design research is user research. A professional graphic designer should know what the user want, although this is very objective, it can be...
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