Potential Career Paths

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Potential Career Paths
Career Information
Career Path
Option 1: Photographer
Career Category: Artistic
Career Path
Option 2: Graphic designer
Career Category: Artistic
Job description (including daily responsibilities)
 Involves work such as taking pictures of weddings and family portraits, while others may specialize in a particular field such as fashion, advertising or clinical photography.  Listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. Develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client's objectives. Requirements for path (school, military, training, age, location, skills, etc.)  There are no specific qualifications needed for some of these courses but a portfolio of work is essential. A degree in the following subjects may increase your chances: graphic design; illustration; 3D design; fine art; visual art; film/television; communication design. Salary/benefits information

 $20,575 - $85,732
 $25,719 - $85,727
Opportunities for advancement
 It is common to start as a photographer's assistant. Most photographers have completed courses in photography in order to learn the technical skills they need  Progression from junior graphic designer is possible within two to three years, with the first few jobs acting as stepping stones. Costs of this path (what you do not like or would miss out on by choosing this path)  Depending on the type I go into, I may lose the ability to make my own hours.  Depending on the type I go into the job might not be a stable, reliable one. Benefits of this path (what you like or would gain by choosing this career path)  It would be a fun path where I could express my creativity.  I would be able to use my creativity in designing as well as programming. Resourses:

http://www.prospects.ac.uk/graphic_designer_career_development.htm http://creativepool.com/articles/jobdescriptions/photographer-job-description

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