The Person I Admire the Most

Topics: Intelligence, Problem solving, English-language films Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: September 1, 2011
guy with a Masters degree in Accounting. This guy has been the only idol for me since I became matured. Many people consider him as a very intelligent guy. He is very persistence, has got the quality of listening with empathy and is very flexible with his thoughts.

He has got this great ability to listen to another person, to empathize with and to understand their point of view. The example of one of his intelligence is when I was in my adolescence period; I was confronted with the problem of self definition and identity. I was so frustrated once that I became isolated from everything and locked my door all day long. He came forward to help me out. At first I did not want to share with him, but he knows how to get along with people. He changed me; he listened to my every single problem with patience and gave the best solutions for them. Now I have grown up with a very strong personality and confidence. One of his other great quality is; he is always persistence. He never gives up until he has solved a problem, taking more time to analyze the problem and deal with it. He has got his wonderful strategies of problem solving. I learned how to drive a manual gear vehicle from him. In the beginning of the lesson it was so impossible for me, and I told him I can not do it. He suggested me to try harder. If I failed once, he made me do it at least five times more until I became fully pro in it, and within few days I became a very good driver.

My dad knows that I admire him the most and that he is my idol. He feels proud about me. We are not just a family but also the best buddies ever.
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